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One of the most effective tools to convince an addict to go into treatment and Detox Centers Programs is intervention. You may be worried about someone in your life who has a drug or alcohol addiction. You have seen the person you love change dramatically and have watched his or her life spiral out of control. An intervention may be the method necessary to successfully assist with getting him or her the help he or she needs. You may be asking, “How can I help my loved one get sober?” or “What should my role be in helping my family member find help?” You are fed up with getting upset, saying no over and over, and resenting those who enable the addict even though you care deeply for your friend or family member who suffers from addiction. You must overcome your fear of confrontation—it must not prevent you from taking action. Contact Intervention Center CA at 510 246-8864 for details about interventions and how to organize one for your loved one today.

What’s an Intervention?

An intervention is an organized even where family members, friends, clergy members, teachers and others who care about the addict meet and confront the addict about how his or her addiction has negatively affected their lives and how they feel about it. The goal of an intervention is to convince the addict that his or her problem is serious enough to warrant going into a treatment center and getting help to quit. Generally, the addict will not admit to having a problem either because he or she does not realize it or because he or she is in denial about it. The goal of an intervention is to make the addict aware that he or she has a problem and then present him or her with the opportunity to get help. In an intervention, it is critical to bring up:

  • Specific examples of the addict’s dangerous behavior and the way it has affected his or her life as well as the lives of family members
  • The objectives and guidelines of the recovery program
  • The promises of each member of the intervention team about what they will do if the addict does not agree to enter a treatment program.

There are four different types of interventions: simple, crisis, classical, and family system.

  • A simple intervention involves simply confronting the addict and asking him or her to stop his or her destructive behavior. This method should be used first, before employing more involved intervention methods.
  • A crisis intervention is generally used in dangerous or hazardous situations where driving under the influence, violence or extreme addiction are taking place.
  • A classic intervention is used to confront the addict with the goal being that the addict agrees to immediately enter into a treatment center immediately following the intervention.
  • A family system intervention identifies that the entire family is dysfunctional and all members of the family must agree to change their behaviors.

What Is the Difference between an Intervention and Treatment?

Interventions can be a vital part of recovery however, there is a big difference between interventions and a treatment programs. Intervention Services Program Hayward believes that an intervention is an event that allows friends and family members to convince a loved one who abuses substances to enter into a rehab facility. An intervention is by NO MEANS the same as therapy and quite possibly may not prevent the addict to change his drug abuse. Rehabilitation centers, like Intervention Services Hayward, CA, teach the addict about the illness of addiction and provide him or her with the tools and techniques necessary to achieve a life of sobriety. Services Intervention Addiction suggests, for the highest chance of success, that an addict is strongly urged to enter a rehab program immediately following an intervention.

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It can be difficult and frightening to watch a loved one suffer through the battle of addiction. Usually, interventions are events that are extremely organized and involve the combined efforts of family, friends, clergy members and others who care about the health and well-being of the addict. Drug Addiction Services can assist with this process by offering the skills of trained intervention specialists, finding treatment programs anywhere in the US, or discussing substance abuse in general. In order to get a loved one the help they need, call 510-246-8864 now!