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Alcohol Abuse Treatment Center gives people the opportunity to make positive changes in their lives, helping them to free themselves from drug and/or alcohol addiction. Drug and/or alcohol abuse causes emotional, physical, financial, and professional pain suffering. Addiction Treatment Center CA helps people end the suffering and achieve their sobriety goals. Although not critical for all addicts, detox programs are available to those who want and need it, and all clients have access to the following treatment activities:

  • Individual and group therapy sessions
  • Individualized treatment addiction treatment plans
  • Healthy diversions and physical outings
  • 24-hour care and supervision
  • Comfortable, beautiful lodging

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Effective Treatment Programs

Even though there are many traditional and experimental approaches for dealing with addiction, there are certain principles relating to drug rehabilitation that the majority of scientists, psychologists, and health care specialists agree on.

One critical idea is that treatment programs must be completely different for every client. The success of an addict’s rehabilitation program usually depends on how customized their treatment plan is because even people who use the same drug will not always benefit from identical treatment plans. Treatment plans must take into consideration the medical, legal, psychological, social and vocational issues facing each client. A successful treatment plan is usually contingent on exact observation and scrutiny of the client, and must be regularly adjusted and modified as required to fulfill the client’s changing needs. Generally, recovery specialists design treatment programs by including a combination of the following treatment methods:

  • Individual and group counseling
  • Medical services
  • Psychotherapy
  • Behavior modifications therapies
  • Medical services
  • Parenting instruction
  • Family counseling
  • Vocational instruction

What Types of Rehabilitation Are Available?

There are various levels of rehabilitation to meet each individual’s specific needs. Levels of therapy can vary greatly among clients, for example a recovered addict with many years of sobriety who has relapsed would need a different level of therapy than an addict who has been chronically using for many years.

  • Inpatient treatment often includes detoxification services and therapeutic treatment services all in one facility—many times in a hospital or at a medical clinic. Even though inpatient treatment centers are becoming less common, detoxification is still a treatment that must include medical supervision in a hospital or clinic. After the detoxification process is complete, Addiction Treatment Center Hayward’s clients are strongly urged to enter into a rehabilitation treatment center for continued recovery.
  • Outpatient rehab facilities are generally in medical clinics, therapist’s offices, or residential facilities with outpatient programs.
  • A client attending an outpatient program generally lives at home and commutes daily to the center to receive treatment and participate in activities.
  • Residential treatment combines the best and most effective aspects of inpatient and outpatient treatment programs, and is the type of treatment program Addiction Rehab Center Hayward, CA offers to its clients. Clients are transported from a home, beautiful, and comfortable, residential house to daily support group meetings and treatment activities. Patients who participate in this type of rehabilitation program respond better to treatment and are better prepared to handle the anxieties and temptations in life because they have successfully learned positive ways to function in society and remain sober.

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Addiction is often misleading, causing people to think that they only have one choice in life—to continue abusing drugs and alcohol. However, with the help of trained professionals and the encouragement of family, friends and loved ones, recovery is possible. Drug Center Treatment deals with all kinds of addiction problems, including additional emotional or mental problems (dual-diagnosis). Call Drug Rehab Center at 510 246-8864 today to speak to a recovery specialist about rehabilitation center locations, general information concerning drug addiction, or for advice. Call today!